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Connie Lush Band - Review of our new Album 'Renaissance'

Connie Lush Band - I Don't Say Goodbye from forthcoming album 'Renaissance' release date 4th December 2015

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Connie Lush Band - Live at Bagnols Festival

Connie Lush Band - Review from Nigel Foster, The Crawdaddy Club, Richmond, Surrey.

Roy Martin - Great Drummer and all round good guy

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Sugarkane - John O'Leary & Sugarkane

Latest News

Ben Poole new album
Continue writing with Ben Poole and Wayne Proctor at Y Dream Studios, Wales [read more]...

Zoe Schwarz - Mixing new album
Started Mixing with Wayne Proctor at Y Dream Studios, Wales, Zoe Schwarz forthcoming album. [read more]...

Zoe Schwarz - new album
Y Dream Studios, Wales, started prepping new album ready for mixing. [read more]...

Sari Schorr - 10 days
Continued writing and crafting songs with Sari Schorr and Wayne Proctor at Y Dream Studios, Wales fo [read more]...